About Octotrip

Octotrip is a mobile application, specifically targeted and built towards the needs of business travelers, where convenience and in-depth personalization are key. We are introducing something the travel industry should’ve have gotten a long time already. Octotrip combines data from the entire industry to provide a worldwide coverage and one-tap payment, for a complete trip. Flights and hotels are based on travelers’ needs through AI, rich data and machine learning, to save on time, money and to finally getting rid of the hassle of business travel.

“Our company culture wasn’t just built for the sake of having a culture. It’s based on pure beliefs of our founders, partners and investors. This is what created the Octotrip culture.”

Our limitless vision doesn’t only reflect itself on the business aspect, but also towards our customers. We’re creating a product for you, by combining the existing economy with the sharing economy and creating a beautiful experience around it. Nothing is impossible, we are limitless.

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